Personal Hygiene:

Personal hygiene is one basic aspect that can be followed by each and every individual without actually spending a lot of money or time. It just takes the right sense of responsibility to be exercised. Pollution cannot be prevented beyond a certain limit. We have got used to living a luxurious life with machines around us to do most of our jobs.

This has spoilt our health by making us inactive and also polluted the air and water around us by discharging harmful smoke and wastes that discharged into the air and water bodies. It is high time we realize that all this pollution comes back to us as a cycle and we are the end sufferers.

By just making slight changes to our lifestyle and taking care of hygiene, we can definitely increase our overall health and fitness. It is as simple like washing our hands before and after meal (This prevents germs entering our body), brushing our teeth twice a day (this increases our oral health) andkeeping our surroundings and us as clean as possible.

The Path to be chosen:

In the run towards being fit and healthy, most of us tend to choose the wrong way of dieting or exercising that doesn’t fit our body type. And the other major aspect where we err is the amount of pressure we exert on our body while exercising. Exercising and dieting should be practices in a phased manner, plunging into exhausting hours of exercise all of a sudden is going to do you more bad than good.

In an urge to get fit and healthy in a short time, few of them even choose unhealthy shortcuts like hormone supplements and unhealthy dieting (this could be even starving in one sense). It is our body and we cannot just experiment anything we see and hear on our precious self.

It is wise to consult a physical trainer or dietician as the case may be to get personalized advice what type of activities and diet chart are to be followed to bring out the perfect you. Discover more about voucher codes myprotein at .


Simple Tips for getting fit and healthy:

Here are some simple tips that could be easily followed without pressurizing your body and the internal clock of your body.

  • Eat a proper balanced diet rich in nutrients and fibre.  Keep a watch over what your food is made up of and avoid foods high on cholesterol, sugar and unwanted carbohydrates.

  • Eat at proper intervals and do not stock up yourself. Instead of eating 3 heavy meals, try eating 6 light meals. This will prevent accumulation of unwanted fats in your body tissues.

  • Have a good sleep of at least 6 hours at night. Understand that each internal organ has a clock and see to that you sleep at the right time to give them time to perform their jobs properly.

  • Water is a universal healer and make it a habit to drink plenty of water to keep your internal organs lubricated.

  • Bring down or if possible eradicate your alcohol consumption as they spoil the root cause of all the efforts towards building a healthy and fit body. Also avoid the intake of tobacco in any form.

  • Set fixed routines making time for all your tasks and more importantly follow the routine strictly. Laziness is the first enemy to a fit and perfect body, so get rid of that entirely.

  • Turn your daily tasks to small exercises that involve a few stretches and breathing. This way you will enjoy what you do.


Make it clear that proper physical activity combined with the right food intake is sure to give the desired results.  It is apposite to consult a trained expert in the respective field before starting experiments with your body. Just like taking a medicine without proper prescription is dangerous, so is performing tasks without proper guidance and expert advice.

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Who doesn't love a fit and perfect body structure and a disease free life? With the increasing pollutions around us, almost all of us are prone to health problems of one type or the other. Right from air, water and water everything is polluted everywhere. This is turn has taken a worse turn on our lives.

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We are in such a phase that proper care has to be given on what we do and how we do and more importantly on what we consume. While come of the consequences cannot be reversed, there is still a lot of things that can be kept well in control by just being extra careful and responsible.